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An exit interview is a survey conducted with an individual who is leaving the organization. The survey consists of a list of questions to capture the employee's experience with the company and reasons for leaving.

  • Identify why employees leave your company
  • See where they go
  • Do they change the industry or do they join a competitor
  • Track employee perception of the company

Yes, when you sign up for a Free Trail, we do not ask for your credit information. Credit card information is only required when you decide to continue after the expiration of the trail period.

All good companies conduct exit interviews but the question is how speedily can you access the data and how efficiently you can analyze it.

At Exit Logics, we provide a state of the art system which flows from top to bottom. A web based system where you can build exit interviews, conduct them online and efficiently analyze the feedback from the leaving employees. - with just a few click.

Web Based

Access online from anywhere, nothing to install

FREE Trial

Try FREE for 15 days, no credit card required

Multi Usage

Ideal for single company use or multiple client usage

In-depth Analysis

Analyse using real-time data, in graphical or tabular format

Mobile Friendly

Access from desktop or mobile, no app installation required

Interview Designer

Design and create your own interview or pick the default template

Yes, our system is suitable for use with one or multiple companies. You just need to select the appropriate plan.

  • Sign up for a Free Trial
  • Log In
  • Create an interview or use our default template
  • Conduct the interview and capture the feedback
  • Visually analyze the response

No, our system does not send interview questionnaire to employees by email because this becomes very difficult to track for the HR managers.

The system is very simple and has been designed for face to face exit interviews.

Yes, you surely can.

If an exit interview needs to be conducted in two or more sessions, you can just save it for later use and resume from where you left.

Yes, you surely can use our custom interview builder to design your own exit interview.

In case you want to do something really fast, just use our default interview template.

Interview feedback is stored in our database and you can analyze it applying various filters.

The data is then shown in graphical or tablular format.

Yes, you can download it in CSV format.

No, we do not store any credit card information. All payments are securely processed by our payment processers over a secure server.

Yes, if you feel that you want to conduct exit interviews for more than one company, you can also upgrade your plan.

If at any stage, you want more intereviews for your membership plan, send us a request by email and let us know how many more interviews are required. The cost is US$ 10 per month for every 1,000 interviews. This cost is in addition to the cost of your monthly subscription plan.

Interviews are available only in lots of 1,000.