Know Why Employees Leave

Get to the Reasons

Companies have now discovered that a high employee turnover is costing them more than ever before. In fact, they find that their HR department is investing a handsome amount of money on training of employees but the short stay of employees in the company is making them lose a lot.

Employees leave due to several reasons but unfortunately, most of the companies do not have appropriate tools to get to the actual cause. Our state of the art system can instantly show you the reasons why employees leave.

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Reduce Employee Turnover

Take the Required Measures

With Exit Logics system, you can drill down to the actual cause behind leaving and take appropriate measures to stop it happening again in the future.

By doing so, you eventually reduce the employee turnover ratio. You can even drill down to get reasons behind leaving division-wise, department-wise, agegroup-wise, gender-wise and on any other possible classification.

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Know Which Competitors are Taking Your Employees

Why Should the Competitors Reap What You Have Sown

Companies invest a huge amount of time and money to train their employees but if your competitors start taking your employees by offering them something little more lucrative, you are in an even bigger loss. This is because they are getting trained people with knowledge about your company's strengths and weaknesses.

As the Exit Logics system also captures where your employees are going along with the reasons, by analyzing the reason-competitor combination, you can easily retain your employees and stop them from joining a competitor.

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Web Based

Online Access!

Exit Logics is web based system that can be accessed online from anywhere, no installation is required.

As the application runs on a connected server rather than your local computer, authorized users can access the system over the Internet from anywhere and can have access to the updated data all the time.

Being web based, you just have to pay a nominal monthly rental and no heavy software licensing or hardware purchase costs.

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Free Trial

15 Days!

You hear about a great software application, study its features, get a demo - and the software seems to have everything you have been looking for.

But when you start using it, you start feeling the missing parts and you just cannot dump the investment you made. You are left clueless.

This is why you need to try before you buy. Not just a few hours of clicking on the menu buttons, but thorough testing with real business data. We offer FREE Trial for 15 days, no credit card required. If you are not satisfied or feel there is a better product in the market, you can cancel your account - no strings attached.

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Multi Usage


We offer two simple plans to select from. One plan is for companies that conduct their own exit interviews while the other is for HR consultants who conduct exit interviews on behalf of their clients.

No matter which plan you select, you get access to all the features of our system.

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In-depth Analysis

Graphical & Tabular!

We provide powerful tools to create and conduct exit interviews. The data from these interviews is then available in real-time for in-depth analysis in graphical and tabular formats.

You can generate purposeful reports based on various logical filters.

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Mobile Friendly

Desktop or Mobile!

This is the era of mobile devices. Our system has been designed as mobile friendly using responsive technology. This means no matter what your screen size is, the content fits on it in a friendly manner.

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Interview Designer

Create your Own!

We understand that requirements differ from customer to customer so our system offers your the option to either use our default exit interview template or custom design one with your own questions. For further ease, you can even clone an exit interview you have created so that you can use it for another client, fully or partially.

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