An exit interview is a survey conducted by an employer either when an employee is about to leave the organization or after he or she has left.

The purpose of an exit interview is to find the reason behind employee's decision to leave. Conducting such an interview is basically to analyze why employees leave, where they go, what is the employee turnover trend and which competitor is taking an organization's employees.

If an organization is able to arrange the data properly and retrieve it when required, various measures can be taken to reduce the employee turnover.

An exit interview questionnaire usually comprises of questions based on the following topics.
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Joining with company or competitor
  • Comments on their experience during their tenure of service
  • Highlight organizational areas which need improvement
  • Suggestions for improvement

Usually, exit interviews are paper-based and extracting the right data at the right time to drive actionable results is really tough. To solve this problem, computer based or web based online exit interview services like are available. Using such a service, data can be analyzed with just a few clicks in just a few seconds.

The dashboard screenshot below from a user account at shows how easy it is to analyze data and see what is happening in an organization.

Exit Logics Dahboard Screenshot


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