Smart and skillful employees are assets for any organization. Companies spend a huge amount of time and money to train their employees and losing them surely leads to a fall in company's progress pace.

No matter what they do, companies can never stop this turnover cycle but they definitely can minimize this by understanding the reasons behind it. An exit interview is a survey conducted with an individual who is leaving the organization. The survey consists of a list of questions to capture the employee's experience with the company and reasons for leaving.

This data is then smartly analyzed using analytical tools to reduce the employee turnover ratio and bring improvement in other aspects of the company.

At Exit Logics, we provide a state of the art system which flows from top to bottom. A web based system where you can build exit interviews, conduct them online and efficiently analyze the feedback from the leaving employees.

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Know the Reasons

Know why your employees leave
and where they go

Reduce Turnover

Clearly view reasons behind leaving
and reduce employee turnover

Analyze Competitors

See which competitors are
taking your employees


Web Based

Access online from anywhere,
nothing to install

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In-depth Analysis

Analyse using real-time data,
in graphical or tabular format


Multi Usage

Ideal for single company use
or multiple client usage

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Access from desktop or mobile,
no app installation required

Interview Designer

Design and create your own interview
or pick the default template

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